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Yashswi Nagar

A note from our CEO: I've been there

I've been there—stuck in the awful cycle of PCOS. In 2016, I got diagnosed as PCOS. If you get PCOS, then you understand how awful the cycle can be.

I was desperate to get ahead of the problem, but was told repeatedly there was little I could do. My experience inspired my partner and I to start GrabHerb.

With Akhilesh’s background in technology, and my passion to make a difference in the way we approach women's health, we started building GrabHerb. Built in collaboration with Ayurvedic Doctor and Gynecologist, with science-backed ingredients, GrabHerb is dedicated to tackling Women's health in a new way, with products that work.

At GrabHerb, we’re helping thousands of women like me get their lives back. Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve found us.

—  Yashswi Nagar

Our mission

GrabHerb's only aim is to be the first choice for the discerning patient and their loved ones to treat them with our best Ayurvedic herbal medicines for weight loss, diabetes, thyroid, PCOD/PCOS, women's balance, immunity, digestive issues, and any other health conditions that they have not got treated from any other Ayurvedic medicines elsewhere. We deliver the best Ayurvedic medicines and stand out among other healthcare providers. Our aim is to make the right use of the traditional science of Ayurveda appealing and to make it accessible to every patient suffering from some serious illness. With the best benefit it has to offer, we want our medicines to be a household choice for wellness and good health.

Our Vision

With the firm faith that we had from the very beginning and due to the self-treatment with the medicines at GrabHerb, we have great confidence to bring out the best shinning alternative medicine in the world that is specifically meant to bring back better health and positivity in the life of individuals who were suffering for so long. Our greater establishment of the best comprehensive approach to health is the best example of why we are the right choice for people.