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What are PCOS/ PCOD and Their Different Stages

What are PCOS/ PCOD and Their Different Stages

PCOD and PCOS are the two different conditions affecting the women's body differently in the case of ovaries and imbalanced hormones. Polycystic Ovary/Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) defines the set of symptoms that are related to imbalanced hormones affecting women and girls.

What is PCOD?

PCOD conditions occur when the ovaries start releasing immature or partially mature eggs in a large number that then turn into cysts. During the condition, the ovaries start producing a large number of male hormones. Various causes that bring PCOD to occur are eating junk food, being overweight, hormonal disturbances, stress. Various symptoms that tell if her body has evolved the conditions like PCOD are irregular periods, Infertility and male pattern hair loss, abdominal weight gain.

What is PCOS?

It is a metabolic disorder causing more severe symptoms than PCOD. In this condition, the formation of more than ten follicular cysts in the ovary every month occurs. Due to such formation, the egg is not released resulting in anovulation. The various symptoms of PCOD are hair loss, infertility, obesity.

Types of PCOS/PCOD:

Insulin-Resistant PCOS - It is caused by smoking, pollution, sugar, Trans fat, preventing ovulation and triggering the ovaries to create testosterone.

Pill-induced PCOS - It develops due to birth control pills suppressing ovulation. Many female bodies resume ovulating like before and get rid of the effects easily. But for some, it lasts for months. An Ayurvedic treatment well tunes the body in such cases!

Inflammatory PCOS - Common reasons are Stress, toxins of the environment, inflammatory dietary like gluten. Don't consume inflammatory foods. Start employing a new healthy diet and herbal remedies.

Hidden PCOS - Thyroid disease, iodine deficiency, artificial sweeteners are some of the causes. Ayurvedic treatments do wonders for all!

PCOS/PCOD Treatment with PCOS / PCOD Ayurvedic Pills

With the early diagnosis of PCOS/PCOD, any long-term complications can be avoided with the right treatment methods. Ayurveda recommends detoxification of the body, a healthy diet, and lifestyle modification for the treatment of PCOS/PCOD. Shatavari, Ashoka, Lodhra, Kumari, Dashamool, Yashtimadhu, Dashmoola, Mudgaparnee, Mashparnee, Cow Ghee are all together performing their vital role in the treatment process in PCOS / PCOD Ayurvedic Pills.

These herbal ingredients work for:

  • Weight loss in PCOD
  • Restoration of Fertility
  • Restoration of Regular Menstruation
  • Treatment of Hirsutism, hair fall, and acne
  • Lowering of serum insulin levels  
  • Optimum functioning of the female reproductive system.

Ayurvedic medicine is termed to be a healthy treating way along with the guidance on diet and exercise that every woman should follow! You need to regain your health with PCOS/PCOD, therefore, a natural remedy goes well that refill the happiness and joy!