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Deep Insight into UTI and Herbal Green Tea Care

Deep Insight into UTI and Herbal Green Tea Care

UTI is common among human beings. The bacteria were regarded as the major and only cause for UTI. From the ages, various therapies and herbal treatments were considered to be the best treatment to cure UTI. Presently, there are many western treatment methods for curing UTI causing billions of dollars in care and people are more and more rushed towards clinics and hospitals. Women and elders are more prone to UTI. Sometimes, there can be life-threatening situations caused among the patients. There are no identifiable causes in the patients suffering from UTI.

What are the causes?

Bacteria are the major cause of UTI, which appears in the form of microorganisms, for instance, fungi and viruses. These are very rare etiologic agents. It has become a major socioeconomic burden due to multi-drug resistant strains and its high recurrent rate. Due to all such causes, different human organs are affected with UTI like kidneys, ureter, urinary bladder, and urethra. Around 50-60% of all infections counting 25% can be found in a female body. When a woman is in the stage of postmenopausal, the chances of UTI are more due to lack of estrogen, pelvic prolapse, diabetes, increased peri-urethral.

Revealing Herbal Green Tea Care to Treat UTI

Herbal green tea is a natural remedy, which is derived from Camellia Sinensis plant leaves. It possesses various potential health benefits. If you are among the people suffering from UTI, then a natural herbal treatment is the best remedy to treat UTI. Green tea has all those anti-bacterial properties helping you get rid of the problem easily and without any side effects. It contains a rich supply of polyphenols plant compounds. This plant has strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. Doctors will recommend some modern medicines, but getting a cure with home remedies is the best way to fight UTI. This will further help you live a stress-free life.

The Bottom Line!

In Asian countries, green tea is considered to be one of the favorite drinks due to its major health benefits, but today it has attained its place worldwide in popularity. According to various studies done, it is considered to provide potential benefits. The three catechins found in Green tea i.e, ECG, EGC, and EGCG have shown antimicrobial effects against various microorganisms. Therefore, due to all these helpful properties, it is considered at the top of the list for various infections including UTI.